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Love Lingual

Friends & Family

Friends & Family

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Played this game for a Galentines and it was so fun and deep getting to know each girl a little more through the questions. Definitely a fun and different activity than normal games. - GN

Does this situation sound familiar to you? 

You meet with family and friends. There's some catching up to do, but then you fall into a lull where you ask the same three questions over and over again, or even worse, there's ✨awkward silence✨

The moment is deflated, and everyone wishes they could find something to say that sparks a fun conversation. 

We've got you covered. 

Love Lingual friends & family is the perfect game for group settings and lively adults who like to have fun and who like jokes that don’t rely on punchlines or profanity.

Our four categories of questions will get even your most introverted friend, or family member talking. 

  • Experiences 
  • Hypothetical 
  • Personal 
  • Situational
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