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Teams & Coworkers

Teams & Coworkers

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Such a great game for staff. Property management is tough and getting to know coworkers sometimes even tougher with so many different personalities. This is a simple tool that is a great group game and I’ve broker type for any staff. Absolutely loved it!! - Brieanna Brock-Saltmarch

Every team could use a little quality bonding time.

With so many potential questions to cover, how do you know which topics will really make your team come together? How do you know which conversations will truly lead to meaningful experience with work friends? 

Building Blocks was designed as a way to inject a little more fun into your next off-site work event, monthly meeting, or even the mundane everyday lunch hour in the workplace.

This game includes 150 fun conversation topic questions across 6 categories for a practical format that can be played anytime, anywhere (yes, even remotely👩🏽‍💻)! Connect, spark discussion, and initiate team engagement to improve communication while bringing your team closer together.  

  • Personal 
  • Team 
  • Education 
  • Hobby 
  • Future 
  • Scenerio
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