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Our Story

How Love Lingual was born and how we attribute our 10-year relationship lasting so long against distance and distraction.

We met during an exchange in Europe, Laura was studying communications, Julien was a writer. He stayed in Europe, while she returned home to Canada. With long distance and time change, we had to find a creative way to keep our conversations growing at a distance. We each started by coming up with one question, every day. We would sometimes send it by physical mail, through facetime or by text.
After writing (most) of these questions down, and spending years doing long distance, we were able to celebrate our 10-year anniversary in March of 2021. We realized that long distance communication and communication in general is so difficult for couples, especially today with technology in the way of it all. People are more comfortable liking a post than having a real conversation with someone. We attribute our relationship lasting so long against distance and distraction by asking important but engaging questions and growing with one another. We created Love Lingual to originally inspire couples to connect the way we did and have since developed other games which include strengthening other types of relationships.

Today, we are happy to call Canada our home, where we live and work together. At the core of our business, we are inspired to continuously encourage human connection in the digital age.

Why Love Lingual?

Tailored and inspired by psychologists to help you open up, build intimacy, and have fun, each game’s questions start meaningful conversations with your partner, friends, kids, or colleagues.

Skip the awkward silence and dive into your best story!

So now that you know there’s a card game for every relationship, the only question is: which relationship would you like to truly dive into to uncover the ultimate and deepest connection?