How Water Signs Act in Love

How Water Signs Act in Love

How WATER Signs Act in Love

Ah, water signs, do you have your tissues ready? The ones who are extremely emotional, and deeply compassionate for others yet tend to exaggerate feelings and get lost in their own head dreaming about a fantasy world. Water signs are also well known because they are able to easily get in touch with their higher selves and possess a natural ability of intuitiveness 🔮


♋ Cancer: Die hard romance will woo your cancer partner. Be patient with them as they slowly start to open up to you over time and take them on romantic dates as often as possible. A cancer will always want to hear how much you mean to them with soft, gentle words, but values the truth and loyalty extremely close to their hearts.


♏ Scorpio: Scorpio's value trust above all else. Make sure your Scorpio partner feels supported by you and that you're constantly doing little things that remind them that you're thinking of them. Bragging to your friends about your Scorpio partner can never hurt, and they crave their lover's attention. Above all else, they want to protect you and feel protected by you.


♓ Pisces: Reassure your Pisces lover that their dreams, fantasies and ambitions can become their reality if they put in the work. Intimate connection is top tier for them, so get vulnerable and intimate with them, and do it OFTEN. Make sure you're being honest and keeping your Pisces partner in check by letting them know when they're slacking.


P.S. save this post for the next time you're thinking of how to make your water-sign partner feel extra loved (...which should be everyday👀)


-The Love Lingual Team 💌

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