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How Fire Signs Act in Love

How FIRE Signs Act in Love 

As bold, fearless lovers, fire signs live up to the nature of their name and don't waste any time going after what they truly want. Fire signs in love will constantly be looking to their partners to provide that extra flame that fuels their ❤️‍🔥

Here's how FIRE signs act in love: 

♈  ARIES: Your Aries partner loves seeking new adventures with you, it makes them feel alive. They will show you their love and appreciation through subtle  romantic gestures and they love constant encouragement to bring their ideas to life. Keeping them grounded without preventing them from chasing their dreams is essential to keep your Aries happy.   

♌  LEO: Known to light up the room when they step in, Leo's love being social. And they love it even more when they can have their partner by their side with them wherever they go (being ruled by the heart will do that to a person🫀).  Organize fun nights out with friends for your Leo love and show them that you are proud of their accomplishments and support their larger-than-life dreams!

♐  SAGITTARIUS: Sag lovers are natural explorers, they love being on the move while exploring new adventures. To keep up with a Sag, hold them accountable to achieving all of their quirky dreams and be 100% truthful with them. If you want to be their life-long partner in crime, make sure they feel free to express themselves, but also keep them grounded.

P.S. save this post for the next time you're thinking of how to make your partner feel special (...which should be everyday👀 ) 

-The Love Lingual Team 💌


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